LEQISMART electric scooter

Intelligent speed regulation. Intelligent gesture detection.

Gyroscope enable intelligent speed regulation,safety and stable driving.
High power hall brushless motor;
Multiple riding mode;
LED Smart dashboard;
CHAO YANG Vacuum Puncture-proof tire;

LEQISMART special battery recycle
technology could recover electric energy
when braking or going downhill.

High Power Hall Brushless Motor

  • Peak power

  • Climbing slope

  • Max peed

  • Intelligent gesture detection

    Gyroscope gesture detection algorithm: if the scooter tilts 45°or
    the tire is off the ground, it will be shot down automatically.

CHAO YANG Vacuum Puncture-proof tire

9'' Vacuum Puncture-proof front and rear tire, capable of ARAMDI Puncture-proof function
Easily cross the deceleration belt and ride more comfortably.

  • Automatic front LED lights and smart dashboard

    With automatic LED light to illuminate the path and
    increase your visibility to others around you.

  • LED smart dashboard

    Integrates Bluetooth, photoresist and gyroscope into one for the first time.

LEQISMART APP interconnection*
Clearly get the riding statous in real time

Power on self-test ;Real time prediction of remainder range;
APP records weekly riding report;

Multiple riding mode

  • L Eco mode


  • M Standard mode


  • H Sport mode


Cruise Mode

Reduce the fatigue of manual switch for a long time,
drive at a constant speed and save power.

  • Jacques black
  • moonlight silver