LEQISMART electric scooter

Long endurance. Travel smart.

Gyroscope enable intelligent speed regulation,safety and stable driving;
High power hall brushless motor;
Multiple riding mode;
LED Smart dashboard;
CHAO YANG Vacuum Puncture-proof tire;
  • Scooter body has special designed internal cable patent.

  • Appearance level justice to the extreme cool

    Horse back streamline modeling, ergonomic design

LEQISMART Special Battery Recycle
Technology Could Recover Electric Energy
When Braking Or Going Downhill.

High Power Hall Brushless Motor

  • Peak power

  • Climbing slope

  • Max peed

  • Intelligent gesture detection

    Gyroscope gesture detection algorithm: if the scooter tilts 45°or
    the tire is off the ground, it will be shot down automatically.

CHAO YANG Vacuum Puncture-proof tire

9'' Vacuum Puncture-proof front and rear tire, capable of ARAMDI Puncture-proof function
Easily cross the deceleration belt and ride more comfortably.

  • Durable thorn

  • High elastic

  • Low rolling resistance

  • Explosion-proof tire

  • Good shock absorption

  • Long life

Ternary lithium battery Anti seismic and flame retardant

Battery with industry standard certification and could last for 3-5 years.

  • Seismic and impact resistance of aluminum alloy protective shell

  • Aluminum shel has better heat dissipation and more flame retardant

  • Sealed tank process to ensure IPX7 water proof

1. Actual battery life varies slightly by environment, function and application, number of charges and other factors.

2. It was tested in leqi intelligent laboratory under specific conditions, and its effect reached IPX7 level under the condition of 30MIN temporary bubble penetration and no abnormal battery pack.

  • Automotive intelligent lamp effect

    Auto Smart night lights make cycling at night safer
    L /R Intelligent turn signal safety intelligent more cool

  • LED Smart dashboard

    Integrates Bluetooth, photoresist and gyroscope into one for the first time.

LEQISMART APP interconnection*
Clearly get the riding statous in real time

Power on self-test Real time prediction of remaider range
Intelligent startup self-check, abnormal icon reminder; Cycling weekly, documenting life

Multiple cycling modes More experience

  • L Energy-saving mode


  • M Standard mode


  • H mode of motion


Cruise control mode

Reduce the fatigue of manual switch for a long time, and save electricity when driving at uniform speed.

  • Matte white
  • Jacques black