Industry-leading electronic control system technology

Electronic control system technology is the basis of intelligence. At this stage, the main research and development focuses on electronic control. Intelligent interconnection, constant speed cruise, light sensing and other functions are achieved through the electronic control system. The advantage algorithm of attitude sensing gyroscope helps to achieve a variety of intelligent functions.

Industry-leading electric drive system technology

Sine wave drive gives greater motor torque and high working efficiency, high motor energy recovery and conversion rate, and good heat dissipation effect of the drive system.

Global exclusive patented technology of heat balance management system

The use of graphene composites and efficient heat balance management system can effectively improve the climbing power, prolong the service life of products and improve the safety performance of products.

Technolog and Innovation Deployment

Gather domestic high-end innovative resources, deploy R & D technology, promote the industrialization of new materials, new processes, industrial design, new batteries and intelligent devices, realize the localization of parts and system integration processes, cultivate leading enterprises in subdivided fields, and create an industrial development engine with international competitiveness.

  • Postdoctor Innovation Base

    Establishing a research and development platform, forming an internationally leading innovation team and building an industry university research cooperation organization have become an important channel for the transformation of applied research results into engineering technology and an important source of independent innovation of industrial engineering technology.

  • Intelligent driving research center

    Research the network information interaction and intelligent management and control technology to realize the collaborative decision-making of vehicles and roads;

  • ID Center

    Integrate and optimize the function, structure, form and packaging of industrial products, or do design innovation for industrial development; Our design obtained domestic and foreign authorized patents, well-known design awards.

  • New Battery and Active Safety Research Center

    Development of long-endurance metal / air battery power system;Research on active safety prevention and control technology based on "mechanical electrical thermal chemical" coupling mechanism.

Smart Travel Research Institute

Led by the doctor of Tsinghua University, the intelligent Travel Research Institute was established to carry out pre-research and research on technologies in sensor application, intelligent assisted driving, intelligent BMS and so on.

Wang Qiang Director of Institute

Graduated from the University of science and technology of China & Tsinghua University, doctor of physics / chemistry, worked in BYD, Huawei and other companies, engaged in technology development and management, he has led many intelligent fast charging, sensor application and energy storage module projects, and has rich experience in technical team management.

LEQI SMART x Chinese Academy of Sciences Smart Travel Joint Innovation Center

LEQI SMART and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established a smart travel joint innovation center to carry out special research in the direction of high-density aluminum based batteries, heat-balance management system, electronic control and sensors.